Stainless Steel Filter Dryer PFDS



Filter Dryers or Nutsche Filter Dryers as they are also known as batch filters installed for soild-liquid separation of suspensions and for washing, drying and isolation of solids in the chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical processing industries. The Nutsche filter dryer consists of cylindrical pressure vessel middle section, dished top head and a flanged bottom with a removable or fixed flat preforated base which supports the filter medium and a top mounted agitator drive with paddles which raises and lowers. This type of filter is often pressure and vacuum rated internally, heated with a jacket and agitator and has a side discharge.


Dovere agitated nutsche pressure type PFDS is designed to carry out following operations: 

  • Solid-liquid filtration under pressure or suction (separation)
  • Dynamic filtration during the agitation of the slurry
  • Smoothing of the cake to avoid cracks and channeling which prevents good washing
  • Washing of the cake by re-suspension or displacement
  • Squeezing of the cake to reduce moisture
  • Drying of the cake
  • Discharge of the dry product through special side discharge valve

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