Agitator Vacuum Dryer HDC

 The horizontal Agitator Vacuum Dryer type HDC with shaft supported at both end, including:

  • A cylindrical-shaped pressurized container with a horizontal axis and two flat or dished ends, one welded to the cylindrical vessel, the other bolted.
  • A heated agitator, supported on both ends, able to rotate in both directions.
  • Two double mechanical seals.
  • A dust filter connecting the equipment to the vacuum group.
  • A solid discharge valve, positioned on the bottom of the cylindrical vessel, mounted flush to the interior wall of the container. 

DoVereAgitator Vacuum Dryer HDS is suitable for the batch drying of:

  • granular and crystalline products
  • thermosensible products which alter even at low temperatures
  • toxic and/or oxidizableable products, coming from pressure filters or centrifuges.

The drying time is minimized thanks to following characteristics:

  • continuous mixing of the product
  • excellent thermal exchange both for final heating and cooling of the powder.
  • Sampling on line, don’t need stop vacuum and the running of the dryer

Important advantages:

  • Economic, robust multipurpose machine for heavy industrial applications.
  • Suitable for use as mixer, reactor, precipitator and dryer, for vacuum and/or for pressure applications as per the requirements.
  • Large heating area resulting in an outstanding heat transfer rate by heating the vessel walls, the vessel covers as well as the agitator shaft and arms.
  • Shaft sealing with stuffing boxes, externally interchangeable double wet, dry or lift-off mechanical seals optional.
  • Good discharge characteristics due to narrow agitator to wall clearances and a special agitator blade design.  

In compliance with cGMP and FDA guideline

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