Pharma Dryer HDS

The horizontal vacuum dryer type HDS is suitable for pharmaceutical industry sterile products, including: one quick opening hinged flat cover; one special cantilevered agitator with heated paddles; one double mechanical seal; one dust filter; one bottom mounted discharge valve or one plug valve mounted on the hinged cover.
DoVere Pharma Dryer HDS is suitable for the batch drying of :

  • granular and crystalline products
  • thermosensible products which alter even at low temperatures
  • toxic and/or oxidizableable products, coming from pressure filters or centrifuges.
The drying time is minimized thanks to following characteristics :
  • continuous mixing of the product
  • excellent thermal exchange both for final heating and cooling of the powder.
  • Sampling on line, don’t need stop vacuum and the running of the dryer
Important advantages:
  • Quick opening hinged flat cover, easy for cleaning and validation
  • All surfaces in contact with the productsuch as the vessel, rear cover, front door,agitator and vapor filter are heated,providing very efficient heat exchange.
  • Double wet, dry or lift-off mechanical seal suitable for sterile process
  • Total CIP and SIP system
  • In compliance with cGMP and FDA guideline.

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