Pressure Filter PFW

DoVere Nutsche pressure filter is a very high efficiency in washing and filtration in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry, even in the most difficult production processes.


The agitated nutsche pressure filter is designed to carry out following operations:
  • Solid-liquid filtration under pressure or suction (separation)
  • Dynamic filtration during the agitation of the slurry
  • Smoothing of the cake to avoid cracks and channeling which prevents good washing
  • Washing of the cake by re-suspension or displacement;
  • Squeezing of the cake to reduce moisture;
  • Discharge of the product through special side discharge valve
Important advantages:
  • Side discharge valve with metal-to-metal seal or FEP O-ring
  • Side discharge valve with automatic or manual cleaning system of the sealing area in order to guarantee pressure tight.
  • Two or three-blade agitator for an efficient agitation and discharge process
  • Quick-lock bayonet or C-clamp main flange closure
  • Metallic multi-layer fabric, single layer fabric or cloth as filtration media.
  • Double wet, dry or lift-off mechanical seal suitable for chemical or sterile process
  • Total CIP and SIP system
In compliance with cGMP and FDA guideline.

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