Horizontal Thin Film Evaporator HTE

Horizontal thin film evaporator internal diameter is bigger than the one of the comparable vertical unit. This is a disadvantage because of the higher cost of the unit compare to a vertical evaporator, but this can reduce the vapor pressure drop, improving the performance at low residual pressure.
The horizontal evaporator allows for a stable liquid layer to form even with high concentration ratios, much better than those achievable with a vertical TFE.
The residence time is higher than in the vertical version, which could be an advantage in case the unit should be operated as a reactor or a dryer.
Horizontal Thin Film Evaporator HTE including:

  • A cylindrical evaporation chamber with horizontal axle, heated usually with steam or diathermic oil
  • A high-speed rotor, spreading the product on the internal surface of the vessel, and at the same time creating a high level of turbulence within the product
  • A distributor placing the product across the entire internal circumference of the vessel
  • Two double mechanical seal

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