Glass Lined Filter Dryer PFDG

Certain agents, intermediates and extracts make complex demands on the processes of filtration/drying, whether by corrosive effects on the ambiance or by high sensibility against metals, contamination or temperature. In the meantime, it is necessary to guarantee the efficiency of each production stage as well as the demanded quality of the product. These conditions can lead to the fact that plants made from high quality steel or Hastelloy do not satisfy the expectations anymore. The application of the material enamel as surface protection is an ideal solution.

 Dovere agitated nutsche pressure filter dryer type PFDG is designed to carry out following operations:
  • Solid-liquid filtration under pressure or suction (separation)
  • Dynamic filtration during the agitation of the slurry
  • Smoothing of the cake to avoid cracks and channeling which prevents good
  • Washing
  • Washing of the cake by re-suspension or displacement
  • Squeezing of the cake to reduce moisture
  • Drying of the cake
  • Discharge of the dry product through special side discharge valve
Important advantages:
  • High constancy against highly corrosive medias and abrasion
  • Suitable for sensible products against metals, contamination or temperature
  • Large area of application due to operating temperature and pressure
  • Advantageous alternative to plantsin Hastelloy
  • Lower investment costs
  • High profitability
  • Side discharge valve with PTFE seal or FEP O-ring
  • Side discharge valve with automatic or manual cleaning system of the sealing area in order to guarantee pressure tight.
  • C-clamp main flange closure
  • PTFE plate or cloth as filtration media.
  • Double mechanical seal suitable for chemical or sterile process
  • Manual or automatic final heel total discharge system
  • Total CIP and SIP system
  • In compliance with cGMP and FDA guideline.

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