Vertical Thin Film Evaporator VTE

Vertical Thin Film Evaporator VTE including:
  • A cylindrical evaporation chamber, heated usually with steam or diathermic oil
  • A agitator driven by an electric motor with belts or direct coupling
  • A product distributor welded on the agitator
  • A dynamic separator for the removal of the droplets that might be entrained in the vapor stream
  • A double mechanical seal
Process Applications:
  • Products that can’t be treated with conventional equipment due to their high viscosity or high solids contents
  • Temperature sensitive products requiring low residence time and low boiling temperatures
  • Processes where an high mass transfer in addition to heat transfer is required, for instance reactions, stripping of volatiles and deodorizations
Important advantages:
  • Different kinds of rotors available in order to find the most adequate treatment of the product.
  • Balanced rotor to minimize vibrations, with final balancing at assembled machine for the best accuracy.
  • Double effect mechanical seal with flushing liquid.
  • Bottom bush with connection for auxiliary lubrication.
  • The lateral discharge version allows the replacement of the bottom bush without removing the conical bottom and the connected piping.
  • The machining of the evaporation chamber before the surface finishing ensures the minimum gap with the rotor, the high performance of the thin film evaporator can be thus improved.

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