Short Path VSP

When high vacuum is required to treat in a single pass heat sensitive or high boiling temperature products, the conventional thin film evaporator can’t be used due to the high pressure drop in the vapours line to the external condenser.
This problem can be solved with the installation of the condenser in the evaporation chamber, whichresults in an extremely shortdistancebetween the heating surface andthe condensing surface, thus minimizing thepressure drop sustained during condensingduty.
Their usage covers a broad range ofapplications from high evaporation ratesto fine vacuum distillation with operatingpressures at the heating surface in therange down to 0.001 mbar
Short Path evaporators including:
  • A cylindrical evaporation chamber, heated usually with steam or diathermic oil
  • A high-speed rotor, made of perforated plate, spreading the product on the internal surface of the vessel, and at the same time creating a high level of turbulence within the product
  • A distributor placing the product across the entire internal circumference of the vessel
  • A double mechanical seal
A internal condenser installed inside the hollow rotor

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